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Dear Colleagues,
A medical pundit has been attributed with the saying “ fty percent of medical knowledge is wrong, the trouble is, we do not know which  fty percent.” I am not sure of the veracity of this statement in today’s increasingly complex world but many of us I am sure, have experienced “facts” that were taught to us in veterinary school or even at conferences, to be exposed as false with the passage of time. Readers can have few such concerns with the contents of the 2016 WSAVA Proceedings. Our authors are international experts and authorities in their  elds and their succinct presentations represent the best of current scienti c knowledge in each topic.
The articles contain much practical advice that can be taken away and used as soon as you return to your practice. So, whether you use this material to supplement a lecture, or use as a stand-alone reference I am con dent that it will  nd a useful niche in your library for some time to come.
Colin Burrows
President WSAVA

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